Tanqueray No.10

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Brand: Tanqueray

Model: gin

Manufacturer: Diageo

Country: United Kingdom

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ABV- 47.3% Tanqueray No. TEN is the only gin in the prestigious globally-acclaimed San Francisco Spirits Hall of Fame; this gin is distilled in small batches with whole citrus fruits. Tanqueray No. TEN is distilled four times with the classic gin botanicals of refreshing juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice; fresh whole citrus fruits and chamomile flowers are then added to create a better taste Better enjoyed with premium tonic water, plenty of ice and a wedge of pink grapefruit or with dry vermouth and a twist of pink grapefruit in an ideal martini. Every bottle of Tanqueray No. TEN carries a seal marking Charles Tanqueray’s name, a symbol of quality and more than 190 years of distilling excellence; the base of the bottle for Tanqueray No. TEN resembles a citrus press, symbolic of the fresh Mexican limes, Florida oranges and pink grapefruits that are distilled in every small batch of the gin Back in the 1830s Charles Tanqueray was not afraid to mix up brave ideas in his own unique style. He invented a gin recipe that is still celebrated to this day. The perfect mix of ingenuity, heritage and hard work. Discover everything that embodies the values of Charles Tanqueray.


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