Absolut Kurant

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Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 1 Ltrs

Brand: Absolut

Manufacturer: The Absolut Company AB (Pernod Ricard)

Country: Sweden

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The story behind the name Absolut Kurant is black currant, a typical Swedish berry from which the flavor is taken. When launched in 1992 it was a tribute to the Swedish origin of Absolut Vodka. Originally it was even supposed to be called Absolut Vinbär since the Swedish word for black currant is vinbär. Only thing was that the English pronunciation would have been wine bar. Absolut kurant is made exclusively from natural ingredients and unlike some other flavoured vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar. It's smooth and mellow with a fruity black currant character and a hint of tartness. The main ingredients in absolut kurant are absolut vodka and black currant flavour. Absolut vodka is made from water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Ahus where it's protected from impurities. The winter wheat is also grown in Ahus and differs from other crops: it's sown in fall and harvested the next one. Days in between it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain. Also, the use of fertilizers is minimized. Directions Savour it neat, on ice, with a mixer or in a cocktail.


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