Cîroc Apple

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Unit Measure: 1 Ltrs

Brand: Cîroc

Country: France

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Cîroc Apple has a vivid green apple flavour with a touch of ripeness and a smooth, crisp finish. Cîroc Vodkas are delicious when enjoyed over the rocks, or ideal for mixing into a creative cocktail. This fresh apple vodka is perfect for mixing up an apple martini, an apple and soda, or blending with cranberry juice for a delightful twist on an "Ocean Spray". Cîroc Apple, like the original Cîroc Vodka, is made from fine French grapes rather than grain, ensuring an ultra-premium taste and making the spirit gluten-free. The knowledge and expertise of the Master Distiller’s wine-making heritage are obvious in the superior quality of Cîroc. Cîroc Apple is the sixth flavour to be added to the Cîroc line-up and undoubtedly upholds the remarkability of the brand. Other tasty Cîroc flavours include Pineapple, Peach, Coconut, and Red Berry. Every bottle of Cîroc Vodka you buy is exceptional. This vodka is unmatchable in terms of superior quality and has won many gold medals, including one at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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