JP Chenet Colombard Chardonnay

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Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 750 mls

Brand: Jp Chenet

Country: France

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A very pale yellow with green reflections A flattering bouquet giving notes of white pear, citrus, peach and white blossom A fresh and slight smooth wine Serving Recommendation ? A pleasant aperitif, this wine goes nicely with shellfish, grilled fish and white meat. History The shape of JP Chenet bottle wrote history of success since 1984. Initially designed by today's CEO Joseph Helfrich from an ancient hand-crafted bottle. JP Chenet created the First easy-to-drink French varietal wine brand. A French top quality wine able to be enjoyed by consumers everywhere in the world at an affordable price. Every year, our winemaker Vincent Euzet selects in the respect of the tradition the land and wineries in order to shape JP Chenet wines.


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