Quintero Nacionales

Price: UGX 25,000

Merchant: Humidor UG

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 9 gms

Dimensions: Length: 140mm

Brand: Quintero

Country: Cuba

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


Pure Quintero Nacionales is a Cuban cigar of the Quintero brand, founded in 1924, which achieved significant success in Spain in its beginnings. After the Cuban revolution, he specialized in machine-made or hand-made cigars with short filler tobaccos. For a long time it was the only brand exported by Habanos S.A., although it was later accompanied by other premium firms. Machine production was phased out, but Quintero remained in a strong position in the market. The Quintero Nacionales is a pure hand-made cigar with short guts, of medium flavor, with selected leaves in the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta regions. It features Vitola de Galera Nacionales and is 140 mm (5 1/2 ») long and a ring gauge of 40 (15.88 mm) and 50 minutes of smoking.


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