Montecristo No. 4

Price: UGX 70,000

Merchant: Humidor UG

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 8 gms

Dimensions: Length: 129mm, Diameter: 16.67mm, Ring gauge: 42

Brand: Montecristo

Model: No. 4

Country: Cuba

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


Montecristo is certainly one of the most famous Habanos brands and is very popular with both beginners and experienced smokers. The name of the brand goes back to the novel by Alexandre Dumas "The Count of Montecristo"; This book was one of the most popular readings, which was read to the torcedores at work around 1935. All cigars of this brand are characterized by strong roasted aromas such as cocoa or coffee, combined with light notes such as vanilla and a fruity sweetness. The No. 4 by Montecristo is the best-selling Habano worldwide, presumably because it best represents the typical Montecristo taste: strong roasted aromas paired with fruity sweetness. A perfect cigar for both beginners and experienced smokers.


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