Simple Water Boost Micellar Shower Gel with Minerals & Plant Extract (250ml)

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Unit Measure: 250 mls

Brand: Simple

Country: United Kingdom

Department: Unisex for Adults

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Smile it's simple. Simple have been the experts in sensitive skin since launching the first perfume and colour-free soap in 1960. We’ve stayed committed to our original philosophy of creating skincare and skin cleansing products suitable for all skin types with the suitable formulation, from this we have learnt that if something is as delicate and precious as skin, it deserves only the kindest care. Simple says no to harsh, no to artificial perfumes and colours that can upset your skin. Instead we use only our purest possible, skin-loving ingredients, so you can trust all our products to be kind to sensitive skin. So choose our sensitive shower gel range and use Simple Water Boost Micellar Water shower gel. Our Simple Water Boost Micellar Water shower gel is a perfect blend of ingredients to awaken and revitalise your skin. Our micellar water shower gel perfect for even sensitive skin. Simple Micellar Water shower gel is dermatologically tested. When using our Simple Micellar Water sensitive shower gel for best results squeeze onto a sponge or if you prefer on your hands. Then gently massage the shower gel over your skin to form a rich lather. Then simply rinse thoroughly. When using simple micellar water shower gel avoid contact with eyes Simple Water Boost Micellar Water Shower Gel revitalises your body, Simple showergel and cleanser with cleansing goodness infused with micellar technology formulation and skin loving minerals for a gentle and hydrating shower, A sensitive shower gel and simple body wash with micellar water perfect for even sensitive skin, Showergels and simple bodywash dermatologically tested, A showergel and bodywash that contains no harsh chemicals, artificial colours or perfume, making it perfectly suitable for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin, Simple micellar water showergel gently cleanses your skin


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