Old Spice Whitewater Body Wash 400ml

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Merchant: Bamboo Classics

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Unit Measure: 400 mls

Brand: Old spice

Country: United States

Department: Gents

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It is often said that water is the most powerful element in the earth. Although it is often said, this statement is false because neither water nor element is, nor as powerful as Uranus. Besides, of course, the scent of Old Spice Whitewater, according to the scientists, is very cool. At least according to those who know how to smell beautiful. So it tasted Old Spice today and proved that this refreshing scent is the missing link in the equation of masculinity. With the Old Spice bubble bath, your body will smell perfectly, even if it does not want it The Old Spice Whitewater Shower Gel gives you a perfect pure scent and compelling freshness Get the fragrance of the most powerful element on earth Old Spice Original removes sweat and leaves only a masculine scent


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