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Dior Fahrenheit

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Unit Measure: 75 mls

Brand: Christian Dior

Country: France

Department: Gents

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For those who are looking for a bold, complex scent, there is Fahrenheit cologne for men. Created in 1988, this woody fragrance features citrus top notes of Sicilian mandarin and lemon, transitioning into aromatic middle notes of French violet and patchouli, finishing with spicy base notes of caraway and nutmeg. Christian Dior was a French-born fashion designer, famous for his creation of the "New Look." Designed to show off a woman's feminine shape, these "New Look" dresses were vastly different from the fabric-conserving styles commonly produce before World War Ii. Although he passed away in 1957, Dior had a long-lasting impact on the fashion industry, his company still going strong today with the production of luxury fashion and fragrances.


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