The Nnaabagereka: An Autobiography by HRH Queen Sylvia Nagginda Luswata: Life. Passion. Duty.

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On August 27, 1999, I became the Nnaabagereka of the Buganda Kingdom, one of Africa’s greatest civilizations. I was positioned at the apex of an enduring traditional culture in a modern, fast-paced world. In conventional royal households, everything is ostentatious—grandiosity, banquets, regalia, and splendid jewellery. But not this monarchy. There were no crown jewellers, royal chapel, magnificent buildings, or specialized curators. Even still, there existed something so timeless, exceptional, and remarkable. Our kingdom of Buganda radiated a sense of happiness, joy, and pride that no money or opulence could buy. It was a kingdom inspired by the people—the People’s Kingdom—their minds, hopes, beliefs... their culture! By the 1990s, most African monarchies had crumbled. Yet, the Buganda Kingdom, despite its troubles, was on the rise. We had to reinvent ourselves as a monarchy in order to remain relevant, a vehicle for the development of our people. So, I had two distinct choices: maintain the status quo, be the traditional wife and stay safe, or play an active role in shaping our community and our beloved nation. I chose to do both. This… is my story.


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