Pyrex Cook & Store Rectangular Dish Plus Lid

Price: UGX 54,000

Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 17 cm

Brand: pyrex

Country: France

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Baked dishes to cook and store, for now or for later. When cooking, we sometimes make more than expected. And it is increasingly important not to waste left over food. Pyrex® has created COOK&STORE, a range of borosilicate glassware ovenware, which is healthy and ultra-resistant, with an ergonomic lid to help keep fresh recipes fresh. Small, medium, large or very large sizes, meals are perfectly preserved while waiting to be served or reheated! Key features: - Smart and BPA free lid for storing in the fridge/freezer - Nestable and stackable, ideal for saving space in your cupboards and fridge - Handles make it easier to take the dish out of the oven or the refrigerator (lid is not compatible with the oven)


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