Sony CDX-G1201U - Car Audio Stereo CD USB FM Aux

Price: UGX 365,000

Merchant: Anisuma Uganda

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Unit Measure: 1200 gms

Dimensions: 178 x 50 x 177mm

Brand: SONY

Model: CDX-G1201U

Manufacturer: Sony

Country: China

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


Sony CDX-G1201U - CD MP3 Stereo Tuner USB/AUX Stereo Amber Key Illumination Enjoy powerful sound on the road. EXTRA BASS enhances the beats in your music, while the 4 x 55w amplification gives you all the volume you need. Stream music from your phone easily, and customise the sound with the 10-band graphic equaliser Play all of your favourite music with the Sony CDX-G1201U Car Stereo. The front USB and AUX-in allow for compatible MP3 players and smartphones to be connected so you can listen to your favourite tunes. The Digital Clarity Tuner ensures that you get the best FM reception when tuning into your favourite stations while the Quick-Browser lets music be easily found. MegaBass ensures incredible bass auto activation while the Dynamic Reality Amp provides 4 x 55W of power, 2 x 2 Volt pre-outs allow for extra stereo components to be added. This stereo can be controlled from your steering wheel while the amber key illumination provides a clear display. EXTRA BASS™ adds power to every bassline Push the EXTRA BASS™ 2 button to add some serious low-end power to your music. It works by reinforcing basslines to create deep, punchy bass. Simply press the button to activate the mode and enjoy the dynamic sound. Digital filters optimise sound for your speakers Speakers work best when they have the most appropriate frequencies played through them. The high pass filter sends high and mid-range frequencies to your full-range speakers, while the low pass filter directs only bass frequencies to your subwoofer. Built-in CD player gives you more playback options Pop in any compact disc to play music from your home collection. Connect your handheld device with USB Hook up your MP3 player to the front USB port to access your mobile music library. Listen to high quality FLAC files FLAC is a file format that, unlike MP3, compresses the audio signal without any loss in audio quality. Plug into to the front USB port to play back FLAC files in all their glory. 4 X 55W amplification for clear, powerful sound The built-in amp delivers 55 Watts x 4 (max. at 4 ohms) / 20 watts x 4 (RMS at 4 ohms), giving you all the volume you need. Features MegaBass for stunning bass auto activation Dynamic Reality Amp with 4 x 55W high power output Music Playback for Android phone Digital Clarity Tuner for improved FM stereo reception Front USB for direct control of connected Walkman® Front Auxiliary input to connect compatible MP3 player Quick-BrowZer™ for easy music searches 2 x 2 Volt pre-outs for system expandability Steering wheel control adapter ready Amber key illumination Specification: 178 x 50 x 177mm Dimensions 1.2kg Weight 4 x 55W OUTPUT POWER (4OHM, 1KHZ, 16V) Rear+Sub PRE OUT SUB OUT Front AUX-IN Front USB High Pass Filter (80 / 100 / 120) Low Pass Filter (80 / 100 / 120) Preset Eur: FM18 / MW6 / LW6,RU2: FM12 / FM6 (EE) / MW6 / LW6 RDS / EON Amber Key illumination LCD Display


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