Great Value Honey Barbecue Sauce 510g

Price: UGX 27,800

Merchant: Le Gourmet Delicatessen

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Unit Measure: 510 gms


Country: United States


Great Value Original Barbecue Sauce is slow simmered with a delicious blend of spices and natural smoke flavor. This American classic is what you've been missing from your backyard summer cook outs. This BBQ sauce can be used in dozens of ways. Use it to marinate your pork or brisket, smother it on top of sandwiches and burgers or simply use it as a dipping sauce for some crispy chicken tenders. With over one pound of barbecue sauce, you will have plenty to last you time and time again. Add some flavor to your meals with Great Value Original Barbecue Sauce.


Timeframe: Within 80 minutes

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