Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash (400ml)

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Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 400 mls

Brand: Pearl Drops

Country: United States

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Pearl drops smokers 1+1 mouthwash for clean fresh breath. Helps remove tar. Fights tobacco odour tar and nicotine can build up into a film in the mouth which may cause smoker's breath. Pearl drops smokers 1+1 is a double action mouthwash with special cleansers plus active fresheners which neutralize odours for a fresh, clean mouth. It also contains an antibacterial agent, clinically proven to help stop the build up of plaque, together with regular brushing. For best results use daily, and brush with your regular toothpaste to help keep your teeth looking cleaner and brighter, and your breath cleaner and fresher.


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