Great Value Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil 414ml

Price: UGX 63,000

Merchant: Le Gourmet Delicatessen

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Unit Measure: 414 mls

Dimensions: 4.49 x 3.07 x 2.44 inches

Brand: Great Value

Model: coconut oil

Manufacturer: Great Value

Country: Canada


For healthier cooking options and endless opportunities for beauty and household uses, Great Value Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is the certified USDA organic choice. The ultimate baking essential and a solid foundation to any recipe, it adds a tropical twist to your culinary repertoire. This unrefined coconut oil is expeller pressed and comes packaged in a 14-ounce jar. The pure formula is free from trans-fat, sugar and cholesterol. Cook up fresh-tasting popcorn and baked goods, or use it to fry chicken and fish. Simply scoop out the needed amount, melt it and use it just like you would use oil or butter. Coconut oil may even be used as a natural skin moisturizer. Recharge your skin with the highest form of long lasting hydration. If you are looking for a natural cleaning product, it cleans and polishes safely and organically. Straight from the coconut to the jar, Great Value Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is as real as it gets! Organic Great Value uses only wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives to deliver great foods you can trust. Honest taste. Great value.


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