Indesit Washer Dryer Model XWDE961480XS (Silver)

Price: UGX 2,950,000

Merchant: Anisuma Uganda

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 66 kg

Dimensions: Height (cm): 85.0 x Width (cm): 59.5 x Depth (cm): 54.0

Brand: Indesit

Model: XWDE961480XS

Manufacturer: Indesit

Country: United Kingdom

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


1400 RPM Silver Washer Dryer Washing capacity (kg): 9 Drying capacity (kg): 6 Spin Speed (rpm): 1400 rpm Type: Free-standing Wash&Dry 45 minutes A fast, effective washing and drying action for lightly soiled items. In just 45 minutes, garments are washed, dried and ready for your next adventure. Anti-odours Option. The perfect way to freshen up your garments and effectively removing smoke, sweat and fried food smells. AntiOdours is a great way to freshen up essential tops, trousers and dresses before heading out. Anti-stain Option. Fast, efficient, powerful stain removal on all your heavy soiled items. Woolmark. The Woolmark Apparel Care cycle is designed to provide the best care for woollen items, keeping them full of softness and comfort. Delay. Schedule the laundry to a time that suits you with the Delay option. Simply set the program and let your machine do the rest. Delicates. For your most precious, delicate garments – the Delicates cycle provides excellent washing and drying action, as well as unparalleled care. Cotton 40. Cotton 40 is a super cycle that provides extra care to cottons while removing stains at 40°c and in just 45 minutes. Special Sport. Designed for all your non-iron sportswear, select the Special Sport cycle for fresh, clean kit in just 45 minutes. Autoclean Cycle. Cleaning and protecting your washer dryer at the touch of a button, keep your machine in tip-top condition with no need for harsh chemicals. Express Cleaning. Express Cleaning lets you enjoy perfectly clean, perfectly dry clothes in just 60 minutes. Dark Cycle. Keep your dark garments vibrant and vitalised with the special Dark Cycle, reducing fade on the clothes you love.



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