Duru Fresh Sensation Ocean Breeze Soap 4 Bars*160g

Price: UGX 12,900

Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 160 gms

Brand: DURU

Manufacturer: DURU

Country: Turkey

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ts refreshing fragrance leaves you feeling clean and fresh after a bath. Using shower gel leaves a gentle scent on your skin, as well as leaving you feeling fresh and clean. What greater delight can you have than to get clean in such a fun and easy way? Showers can be a great place to wind-down and relax, and using a scented shower gel is a great start. How the shower gel smells, however, can either make it a pleasant experience, or a less-than-pleasant experience. Here are some things to think about: Do you like cool or refreshing scents? Look for shower gels with lemon, orange, or other citrus-like smells. You can also buy something with cucumber or mint as well. Do you like relaxing scents? Try something with chamomile, lavender, or rose. Do you like sweet, dessert-like scents? There's cocoa butter and vanilla! Many fruit-scented shower gels, such as strawberry and passion fruit, also tend to smell very sweet and dessert-like. How to use it? Wet your skin in the shower or bath, lather some of the body wash on your hands and use a loofah or a washcloth to apply it to your skin. Rinse it off and pat dry with a towel. Don't rub, because rubbing takes away moisture. Benefits: Depending on your job or your daily schedule, you are using it to cleanse your skin, remove sweat or dirt, etc. Using body lotion every day depends on you and your expectations. As moisturizers hold water in the outermost layer of skin, they also act as a temporary barrier for your skin.


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