Dove Pro-Age Shampoo For Brittle Hair 250ml

Price: UGX 16,000

Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 250 mls

Brand: DOVE

Manufacturer: DOVE

Country: United States

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Designed for ageing hair • Nourishes brittle hair to restore fullness and strength • Leaves hair up to 2x stronger* • Formulated with Micro Moisture Serum™ • Helps moisturize hair from deep within • Suitable for daily use Throughout our lifetime, our hair goes through many changes and not just style-wise. Did you know our individual hair follicles shrink with age? This means that the thickness of hair strands decreases, which is why fine, weak hair is something a lot of us notice more and more as we get older. But while thinning hair in women is something many of us worry about, the right care can help us all to enjoy the look and feel of fuller and stronger hair.


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