J & J Vita Rich Revitalising Grape Seed Oil Body Lotion (400ml)

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Unit Measure: 400 mls

Brand: Johnson & Johnson

Manufacturer: JOHNSON &JOHNSON

Country: South Africa

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JOHNSON'S Vita-Rich Body Lotion is a luxurious body lotion that provides your dry skin with long-lasting moisturisation. ... Use lotion daily to nourish your skin and hydrate. The lotion is the right consistency to easily spread over your whole body. The new JOHNSON’S® VITA-RICH range is made with skin-loving natural ingredients that each provide your skin with a unique benefit. The uniquely rich formula of extracts and moisturizing glycerin within every Vita-Rich product nourish and nurture your skin, leaving your skin looking noticeably healthier, and feeling softer, and smoother.


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