Bravo Active Beef Flavour 8kg

Price: UGX 86,200

Merchant: Pantha

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 8 kgs

Brand: BRAVO

Manufacturer: BRAVO PET FOODS

Country: United States

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


Bravo Active Dog Food (Beef) is made by pet lovers just like you . Essentially, bravo is designed to deliver high quality nutrition. Likewise, it focuses on the most important needs of your dogs. Pets have the power to transform our lives. Obviously, daily Nutrition is the best gift you can give your dogs to make them happy and healthy always. Good food gives your pet the best fur coats and temperament… and of course complements and enhances their affections towards you. Importantly, when introducing your dog to Bravo from another dry dog food, allow about one week for the transition. You should always ensure that your dog has an adequate supply of fresh and clean drinking water. Further, always keep each pack of your dog’s food fresh. Therefore, be storing in a cool and dry place with the top of the pack folded down.


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