Villa Antinori Toscana Rosso 750 mls

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Unit Measure: 750 mls

Country: Italy

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Villa Antinori Toscana from Italy is a deep, ruby-red coloured wine. It has aromas of berries and wood. The wine is complex and elegant on the palate with tannins, yet balanced and soft, rich of extracts. It pairs well with pasta, vegetarian dishes, lean fish, and cured meat. The Villa Antinori Toscana wine is made of four main grapes, namely Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. The beginning of spring saw a good amount of rain and slightly higher temperatures than the seasonal average, which favoured a slight anticipation of the budding phase. In the following period, average temperatures and rainfall led to excellent flowering and vegetative cycle. Rains at the beginning of summer maintained a good plant growth equilibrium which lasted throughout the month of August. Notwithstanding the high day temperatures, nights were cool and assured the full ripening of all grape varieties. As a result, the ripening of the grapes proceeded optimally, guaranteeing the presumption of an excellent harvest. These grapes were de-stemmed, lightly pressed, and macerated in stainless steel tanks for 12 days, at a temperature which was kept below 30°C. During this time alcoholic fermentation also took place. By the end of the year, the wine had also completed its malolactic fermentation and was then transferred partly to French, American and Hungarian oak barrique to age for 12 months. The wine was then bottled and aged at least 8 months before release.


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