Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb (Colors)

Price: UGX 100,000

Merchant: Sync Life

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 200 gms

Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Smart LED Bulb

Manufacturer: Xiaomi

Country: China

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


Xiaomi Yeelight 1s ( Colors) Power Saving smart LED Bulbs. Brightness - 800 lumens. Wattage 220V 1600 million colors to choose from - With high quality LED lamp beads, the eyes are fully protected. At the same time, the colour temperature in 1700K and 6500K are available 1600 million colours to choose from. Adjust the colour brightness freely - can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Let the light change with your needs. (5300K above the lighting allows for better concentration) WIFI connection - Built-in WiFi module, you can connect to WiFi without gateway and control it intelligently via mobile phone. APP language setting - Change the language setting of your phone to English and then download the Xiaomi Smart Home app. This also changes the language of the APP to English. 10 watts extremely low power can deliver 800 lumens of brightness.


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